Surviving Winter in Canada

For many people coming to Canada is a great adventure: the thought of coming to Canada based on pictures of serene lakes in the Rockie Mountains, seascapes of British Columbia, lighthouses of Nova Scotia and the pristine beauty of new-fallen snow.

None of these pictures give an idea of the true impact of living in Canada:not only the cold temperatures but also the impact of a decrease in sunlight on the prevalence of seasonal affective disorder and Vitamin D deficiency.

The process of acclimatizing to Canada needs to be based on physiological responses to the cold. By understanding how the cold impacts heath, and how to prevent heat loss, wise decisions can be made when buying clothing. Understanding the insulation properties of fabrics and technologies will help you to make decisions that will keep you and your family warm and health long into the winter nights. May you learn how to dress well, so that you can enjoy the treasures of winter life in Canada!